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Rodents: The Need for Control

The Common Rat ( Rattus norvegicus ) has only been recorded in Britain since early in the 18th century. It is thought to have been introduced in shipping from Russia and did not in fact originate in Norway - despite one of its common names suggesting otherwise. It is now by far the more abundant of the two rat species and is widely distributed in both urban and rural areas. It occurs both indoors and outdoors away from human habitation and is the species often associated with sewer systems. The Ship Rat, or Black Rat, (Rattus rattus) is thought to have originated in south-east Asia and reached western Europe sometime in the middle ages, possibly returning with the crusaders. However, remains have been discovered in Roman deposits in York and London dating back to the 3rd and 4th centuries. Although once the dominant rat species in this country, it is now rare and confined mainly to port areas in Tilbury, Liverpool and Avonmouth. It may be found very occasionally in some inland towns, especially those linked to ports by canals. In Britain it lives only indoors and is rarely found in sewers. Its territorial range has continued to contract over time.

The House Mouse (Mus domesticus) has been identified from pre-Roman Iron Age deposits and is believed to have arrived in Britain around the 10th century BC. It is common in a wide range of urban and rural buildings all over Britain. Although mainly a house dweller - it may live outdoors for part or all of the year. It is not found in sewers.

All Rodents have the ability to adapt themselves to almost any environment. Their great reproductive potential, natural cunning and survivability puts them amongst the most successful animals on earth. The success they enjoy in exploiting mans' environment brings them in direct conflict with man because of their adverse effects on the human population in the following ways:

  • Disease
  • Contamination
  • Damage to foods
  • Property damage
  • Fear

Countryman Pest Control Ltd has a Rodent Control Programme for every type of situation, domestic, commercial, or agricultural - with total quick elimination and ongoing prevention. From one off visits to full service contracts. All carried out by fully trained Pest Technicians - we can rapidly bring any infestation under complete control. Every situation of Rodent Control is different - and at Countryman Pest Control Ltd we always carry out a full survey of the premises before deciding on the best course of action. And and as always - the most cost effective solution will be advised. For your no obligation survey, give us a call today - our friendly staff are waiting to help.

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