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Feral pigeons: The Need for Control

The typical Feral Pigeon is about 33cm in length and weighs between 280 and 560g (average about 350g). Its plumage can vary considerably, from a close resemblance to that of the original rock dove (with blue-grey plumage, double black wing bars and a white rump) through various “blues”, “reds” and chequered types to almost pure black. There are no visible differences between the sexes. Much of the damage caused by Feral Pigeon arises from their infestation of buildings. Food stored in warehouses and processing plants may be eaten or contaminated and the machinery fouled.

Fouling of buildings and monuments frequently occurs at places where the birds nest or roost. This is not only unsightly but may also have a destructive effect as the acidic droppings can erode the surface of stonework. Gutters and drainpipes may become blocked, leading to flooding and associated problems. Pavements, ladders and fire escapes may be made unsafe because of the potential for slipping on droppings. Feral Pigeons must also be regarded as potential transmitters of disease. It is known that a high proportion of Feral Pigeons are infected with ornithosis (a mild form of psittacosis). Some have been shown to carry salmonellosis and, although the incidence is low, the public health hazard cannot be ignored, particularly in view of the Feral Pigeon's unfortunate association with food premises.

The most effective type of Feral Pigeon Control is proofing, a netting type system or a spike system being the most frequently used. These systems stop the birds from landing on their favourite roosting areas and, when properly fitted these methods are 100% effective. Countryman Pest Control Ltd has a system to suit any situation, with free of charge surveys, the most cost effective solution will always be recommended.

Countryman Pest Control Ltd has a Feral Pigeon control programme for every type of situation, domestic, commercial, or agricultural - with total quick elimination and ongoing prevention. From one off visits to full service contracts. All carried out by fully trained Pest Technicians - we can rapidly bring any infestation under complete control. Every situation of Feral Pigeon Control is different - and at Countryman Pest Control Ltd we always carry out a full survey of the premises before deciding on the best course of action. And and as always - the most cost effective solution will be advised. For your no obligation survey, give us a call today - our friendly staff are waiting to help.

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