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Trapping and Snaring

Cost £23.50 including p&p


Written and published by Steve Caple of Countryman Pest Control Ltd.
(ISBN 978-1783061-679)

Full Colour Hardback Edition, with over 80,000 words and 100 informative photographs.

With the frequently changing trap legislation and codes of practice, I thought that an up-to-date trapping and snaring manual that encompassed the latest traps and trapping methods, was long overdue. To this end I have produced an in depth book that not only covers the most popular and modern traps in use today, but also where, when, and how to set them to achieve best results.

Tips to increase your catch rate are included in the sections on the various pest species; with special attention paid to rabbit control. The numbers of this major agricultural pest are once again on the increase (at least here in Northamptonshire they are) so it’s not surprising then that skilled rabbit trappers are, once again, very much in demand.

Mink, Moles, Fox, Rat, and Grey Squirrels are all discussed in detail, as are the many and varied traps and trapping techniques used to catch them. There is something for everyone in the book, from the old hand to the complete novice, and throughout its pages the emphasis is aimed at carrying out pest control duties safely, lawfully, and above all, as humanely as we possibly can. Any trap or snare is only as good as the person setting it! So the manual also covers some of the major pitfalls encountered by the professional and amateur trapper alike.

Rural Pest Control

Cost £19.20 including p&p


Written and published by Steve Caple of Countryman Pest Control Ltd.
(ISBN 0-9553896-0-7)

Produced in hardback with 124 pages including 37 black and white photos.

Steve Caple's book Rural Pest Control gives an up-to-date picture of methods and the legal position covering pest control, with an emphasis on keeping traditional techniques alive wherever possible.

Steve's book is suitable for anyone who has cause to seek a way of controlling pests in a rural environment, whether that be farmers, countrymen, gamekeepers and wardens or gardeners.

In his book, Steve gives the reader a privileged insight into how he approaches catching numerous pest species using a variety of different traps and techniques.

Some Published Book Reviews:
In a review in the 25 October 2006 edition of Gamekeeper and Sporting Dog, Simon Whitehead said of Steve's book that he'd, "...written an up-to-date insight into the job of a pest controller in a simple, no nonsense style that educates the reader into the ways of his trade."

In a review in the 22nd February 2007 edition of The Shooting Times and Country Magazine, the reviewer Eifion Rees said of Steve's book that it was, "Crammed full of advice and wise words for the newcomer, it is a well-written and easy-to-understand introduction to the job ..."


If you'd like to purchase a copy of either of Steve Caple's books, they are available by sending a cheque made out to Countryman Pest Control Ltd for the appropriate amount £19.20 or £23.50 inc p&p (UK only) to: Steve Caple, Countryman Pest Control Ltd, 25 Eldean Road, Duston, Northampton, NN5 6RF, England, UK. Alternatively, you can Buy Now via Paypal by clicking on either of the Paypal images above.

Or if you have an enquiry and need to talk to Steve, Telephone & Fax: 44 + (0)1604 756411 or e-mail:

NB: If you are outside the UK and want to order Steve's books, please contact Steve directly by any of the methods listed above and he will discuss and agree payment methods and postal charges with you.

Steve Caple lives and works in Northampton as a full-time commercial pest controller. With over 30 years of practical experience, his skills are much in demand from landowners farms and estates. By combining traditional methods with the latest technology Steve offers an environmentally friendly solution to many of their pest control problems.

With the use of field-craft and traditional trapping methods Steve offers his many customers a service his competitors cannot offer. "Learn to think like your quarry and you are halfway to catching them" is a phrase often quoted by Steve when asked how to succeed in setting traps. Judging by the many successes Steve's had, where others have failed, Steve's approach is more than proven in practical situations.

Steve has now distilled much of that self-same "proven success in practical situations" into his easy to follow books. Buy for yourself now or maybe give it as gift to someone else that you know would enjoy it.

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