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Steve Caple is The Countryman. He lives and works in rural Northampton (England, UK) - as a fully trained commercial Pest Controller (BPCA Dip. Pt.1). His work often involves dealing with problem pests in industry, the home and in rural environments. Steve has contributed to The Countryman's Weekly magazine  where he wrote a column on pest control and related topics. Steve is also a published author of two excellent books with his latest 2013 publication Trapping and Snaring.

Apart from the usual Mole, Squirrel, Rabbit and Mink problems, anything from Fleas to Foxes can form part of Steve's daily workload - and he never knows from one day to the next what the latest problem will be. With some 40 years of practical experience - Steve's unique skills are much in demand from golf courses, his local cricket club, landowners and estates. His combination of traditional trapping methods and modern technology - offers the solution to many of their pest problems. By using the traditional services of dogs, ferrets, traps, cages and fieldcraft - Steve provides a unique service that the companies who use only chemical control methods cannot provide. Of course, chemical control, insecticides and the use of anticoagulant rodenticide are all part of the armoury available to today's modern Pest Technicians and when appropriate, Steve also uses those products to great effect. But alternatively, can the man who just places a mouse bait station under your kitchen unit, also catch and remove the Mink that has been raiding next doors chicken run? Steve's The Countryman who can!

If you've suddenly found yourself the unwelcome recipient of the attentions of a Mole, a Squirrel, a Rabbit, a Mink or some Other Pest - don't panic. You don't have to suddenly become a wildlife expert - 'cos Steve's spent a whole lifetime absorbing all that expertise for you. If you want Steve's help, there's a number of ways he makes it available to you. You can read through the information on this website for starters; you can give him a call or drop him an email ; or you can buy a copy of his books or his splendid Trapping Techniques DVD.

Buy the Books
If you'd like to purchase a copy of either of Steve Caple's books they are available by sending a cheque made out to Countryman Pest Control Ltd  for the appropriate amount £19.20 or £23.50 inc p&p (UK only) to: Steve Caple, Countryman Pest Control Ltd, 25 Eldean Road, Duston, Northampton, NN5 6RF, England, UK. Alternatively, you can Buy Now via Paypal.

Or if you have an enquiry and need to talk to Steve, Telephone & Fax: 44 + (0)1604 756411 or e-mail:

NB: If you are outside the UK and want to order Steve's books, please contact Steve directly by any of the methods listed above and he will discuss and agree payment methods and postal charges with you.

Buy The DVD - Trapping Techniques Part 1
The dvd covers the trapping of Moles, Squirrels, Rabbits and Mink. During the 1hr 15 minute programme professional pest controller, Steve Caple gives the viewer the benefit of his 30+ years of experience in pest control.

The DVD is available by sending a cheque for £25 including VAT, postage and packing to: Breeze and Freeze The Old Barn, Vicarage Farm, Brington Road, Flore, NN7 4NQ, Northants, UK. Or call 01327 340401 or e-mail: Breeze and Freeze.

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